The Crook of Your Arm

  • Writer, Director, Performer: Shannon Holmes
  • Location: The Frigid Festival NYC; and The Royal Shakespeare Company’s studio stage, The Other Place in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK
  • Date: 2015/16
  • Coverage: University of Birmingham (UK), (NYC)


Dive into an intimate journey with Shannon as she explores the emotional depth and rawness of a classical singer. Through her music-theatre piece, she draws from her own experiences, intertwining her life’s narrative with her research into the balance of vocal technique and genuine expression.

Witness the transformation and heartbreak as Shannon grapples with her mother’s Alzheimer’s. Memories blur, stories echo, and the family’s unwritten rule – “Do not talk about it” – faces its toughest test. Through evocative melodies and the ebb and flow between spoken words and song, the audience is enveloped in the anguish of watching a cherished loved one change.

“The Crook of Your Arm” becomes a testament to Shannon’s belief in finding one’s true voice amidst life’s cacophony, leading to an emotionally charged and profoundly authentic performance.