Plan(et) B presents: Lights! Climate! Action!

  • Director: Shannon Holmes & Kathryn Bracht
  • Location: Shubox Theatre, University of Regina, Regina SK
  • Date: November 3-6, 2021


Plan(et) B is set in a post-apocalyptic world where our “eco-warriors” gather in the rubble of their lives to remember the world as it was, and to imagine what it can be in a futuristic theatre festival, called Lights! Climate! Action! a festival that explores the climate crisis with laughter, hope and humanity. Plan(et) B presents 12 plays from this series, and our “eco-warriors” perform them in the Shubox Theatre, which has been transformed into a futuristic wasteland of debris.

Plan(et) B is created with upcycled, repurposed, and recycled set and costume pieces, designed by Wes Pearce and Cathy Mearns respectively, with the lighting design created by fourth year student Rachel Butt.