Come Along

  • Director: Shannon Holmes
  • Location: Wascana Lake, University of Regina, Regina SK
  • Date: March 17-20, 2021

Photo by Trevor Hopkin, University of Regina Photography Department.


Come Along” (2021) took stage in the scenic Wascana Park, giving audiences a fresh breath of outdoor theatre magic during some tough pandemic days. Crafted by Theatre Department students, this play danced in the realm of magical realism. Dive into a story where transgression meets transformation, sprinkled with the mesmerizing melodies from Anika Zak and Connor Stewart. While it had to bow out earlier than expected due to COVID hiccups, Shannon Holmes from the Media, Art and Performance faculty dubbed it a whimsical fairy tale for adults. Imagine an evening where everyone remembered the joy of live performances and the thrill of springtime playfulness.

Cast & Crew:

  • Actors: Kaydence Banga, Bronwen Bente, Benjamin Matity, Macey Hay, Tianna Chorney, Owen Westerlund, Billie Liskowich, Brad McDougall, & Jadav Cyr, Jiness Helland.
  • Musical Accompaniment: Anthony Merkel, Joshua Stewart, & Nathan Syrnick.
  • Stage Management: Rachel Butt, & Erik Lillico.